Biological Crop Management – June 2018 – Issue 20.2

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Biological crop management is the need of the hour. It is no longer an option. It is the way forward, if we are determined to deal positively with fragile environments, food and nutrition, health and well-being of the people and animals. There is increasing awareness at every level, be it consumer, farmer, policy maker, regarding the benefits of non-chemical farming. However, two things remain unattended. There is a need for robust mechanisms in place for implementing these approaches. Those who are already promoting need to be encouraged and incentivised. The old templates need to be substituted or tweaked strongly.

Biological crop management offers better productivity, diversity and resilience with reduced costs and improved net incomes. It helps in preserving the eco systems, reducing carbon foot print from agriculture. There is no dearth of evidences and scale. However, it is always difficult to source alternative experiences, as these practitioners seldom write.


4 Editorial

6 Taming coconut pests by Green Warriors

A Josephrajkumar, Chandrika Mohan and V Krishnakumar

10. Biologicals for Higher Farm Production

M H Mehta

14 We are not too young

Linda Kabaira

17. Fish Amino – A rare useful biological

S Premalatha

19 Women as entrepreneurs

Nirmala Adhikari

23 Farmers in Odisha replenish soil fertility – the natural way

27 Sustainable farms, sustainable futures

Y M M Srikar and Debasis Mohapatra

32 Reaping multiple benefits from biological crop management

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