Agroecology – The future of farming – September 2019 Issue 21.3

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For small farmers who constitute farming majority, farming is a way of life. For them, agriculture is not a technical activity of application of Science for food production alone. For them, farming is necessary to meet their multiple needs – food, fuel, income, fodder, nutrition.

It is not just the farmer’s responsibility to keep our planet safe. By promoting unsustainable natural resources management, intensive chemical based farming practices, we are poisoning our soils, water and environment.. In fact, we are destroying the very base on which the present and future generations have to live.

There is no shortage of inspiring models. These models demonstrate that sustainable agroecology based farming models are the answer to meet challenges of food security, climate change, income security, ecological safety and balances, health for all living beings. A little help in terms of enabling environment, a desire to chart a different path, throw up multiple examples which are awe inspiring. We have tried to put together such examples to inspire you.

Again, we do acknowledge that it is our contributors and the readers who are the reason for the creation and spread of the message of alternatives. We continue to look forward to your unstinted support, commitment and encouragement to continue our efforts to share knowledge for the benefit of everyone as well as sustainable futures.

4. Editorial

6. Anandaa Permaculture Farm

Manisha Lath Gupta and Radha Lath Gupta

11. Farmers as custodians of Earth

C F John

15. Conserving local culture and enhancing local livelihoods

Lakshmi Unnithan

19. Scaling up agroecological farming – Capacity building is the key

Siva Muthuprakash and Shashan Deora

23. Sustaining agorecological farming practices – Need for support

M N Kulkarni

26. In the news

29. Farmer Diary

30. Zero budget farming

K V Patil and I S Rao

31. New Books

32. Sources

33. Agroforestry – The future of family farming

Dipankar Dasgupta

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