Agroecology and going local – December 2020 – Issue 22.4


Local food initiatives following agroecological approaches are gaining ground. Forced by adversity of global pandemic, communities have realised and recognised the importance of being self reliant. We have seen an upsurge in kitchen gardening, even in urban spaces. Farmers learnt to sell their produce using digital tools, with the help of proactive individuals and organisations. Overall, farmers survived even the pandemic, by making appropriate adaptations while urban consumers moved towards ‘growing own food’ and ‘buying local’. Globally, there is an increasing recognition of sustainable local food systems. Adaptation is key to sustenance.

In this issue we have included experiences of farmers and institutions that are practising and promoting agroecological approaches. We have also included some views and opinions from the global context. We hope these experiences, views and opinions will interest and inspire you. We look forward to your feedback, as always. We remain deeply indebted to you all for your commitment to promotion of LEISA.

We heartily wish you and your families A Very Happy New Year 2021.

4. Editorial

6. Resilient farmers of Thar

Rituja Mitra

9. An aesthetic of regeneration

C F John

14. Nutrition gardens – A promising intervention in the post COVID scenario

Lakshmi Unnithan

16. Pivoting from local food to just food systems

17. Interview: Leonida Odongo Agroecology in Africa has a female face

Leonardo van den Berg and Janneke Bruil

22. Self help is the best help – Indigenous farmers stand strong against economic slowdown

Janak Preet Singh

25. In the news

27. App that helps farmers get better yield

31. New Books

32. Sources

33. The power of women’s networks for agroecology in India

Soumya Sankar Bose and Amrita Gupta

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