Access to resources – September 2003 – Issue- 5.3


4 Access to and control over resources

6 Accessing livelihoods through shared farming
Seema Tripathi and Shiraz Wajih

8 Securing access to water in Ngurunit
Laura Lemunyete

10 Access to the harvested rainwater
J. Venkateswarlu, Y.V.R. Reddy and G. Sastry

11 Access denied: the Brazilian land issue
Luc Vankrunkelsven

12 Lake Mweru is our bank
Nettie Aarnink and Paul van Zwieten

15 Struggle for Land rights
Nikku Balaraju and Pranita Bhushan

17 More than access to land: MST in Brazil
Ciro Eduardo Corrêa

19 Oran – A traditional biodiversity management system in Rajasthan
Aman Singh and Pratibha Sisodia

22 Mahender Rautela: water volunteer
William Critchley, Marit Brommerand Girish Negi

23 Arvari Sansad: the river parliament
Ambuj Kishore

24 Traditional water management in Bali
I.G. Suarja and Rik Thijssen

26 Recording land rights at Ekuthuleni
Donna Hornby

27 The Narayana Reddy Column-Regenerate resources to increase access
L. Narayana Reddy

28 Resolving resource conflicts around Sherkolle Refugee Camp
Alemayehu Abebe, Solomon Hussien,
Assegid Tesemma and Jan Gerrit van Uffelen

31 Books

32 Sources

34 Networking

36 Celebrating diversity in China
Ronnie Vernooy and Yiching Song

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