Recreating living Soil – September 2002- Issue 4.3


4       Living soil-basis for conservation agriculture


6      Planting concepts and harvesting good results

Jose Benites, Sandrine Vaneph and Alexandra Bot

10    The Quesungual system in Honduras, an alternative to slash-and-burn

Luis Alvarez Welches and Ian Cherrett

11     Conservation agriculture and rural development: Experiences in EI Salvador

Marcos Vieira and Jon Van Wambake

13     A model of farming systems approach for sustainable agriculture


15     Integrated soil fertility management, oppertunities for smallholders in West Africa

Henk Breman

16     Sustaining soil fertility: Useful practices and methods in hill agriculture

Sustainable soil management programme, Nepal

18      Microbial tools- a key to sustainable productivity

Dhananjay P Singh

19       Integrated nutrient management in fodder -Cowpea

Thomas Abraham and R.B.Lal

20       Wise lessons from Mother Nature

Ambarwati D. Rahayu and Rik Thijssen

22       System of Rice intensification gains momentum

Norman Uphoff and Erick Fernandes

28       The Narayana Reddy Column: SRI method of paddy cultivation

L. Narayana Reddy

30        Websites

32         Sources

34         Books

36        Experiments with spiders, ants and other indigeneous practices

K.J.N.Gowtham Shankar

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